Sunday, 17 November 2013

35 facts about me

I love watching/reading these kind of posts so I thought I'd do one:-))
1- Our bathroom is massive for some reason and is almost the same size as my bedroom (which is also pretty big) and the toilet and sink are probably 5 metres apart
2- I have a tortoise called Andy and we don't know how old he is but we say he's in his 30s for some reason

3- I don't like salad because I hate eating the leaves, I'm not sure why I just can't seem to eat them
4- I'm pescetarian (I eat fish but not meat) and I hate it when people try to point out all the reasons not to be... leave me alone:-((
5- I have over 55,000 followers on tumblr
6- I'm left handed and right footed
7- I don't like dairy milk/ normal milk chocolate. I like most chocolate related things e.g. rocky roads, chocolates with fillings etc but I don't like chocolate cake or bars of plain dairy milk for some reason!
8- I like to bargain hunt (not the tv show haha.. actually not gonna lie it's pretty good) and most of my clothes were really cheap.. I've been known to have whole outfits costing £10
9- I'd consider myself very opinionated and I'm a feminist and idk just quite opinionated in general
10- My favourite musicians/bands right now are Florence and the Machine, Mumford and Sons, Bombay Bicycle Club, Kings Of Leon, Lily Allen, Bon Iver and lots of people:-))
11- I like most dogs but I am definitely more of a cat person (though all of my friends in my immediate friends group own and prefer dogs)
12- Alcohol affects me a lot, perhaps it's just a placebo effect or I use it as an excuse afterwards to justify acting strangely.. I'm not sure!
13- I love baths and sometimes they're my favourite part of the day which is sad
14- I really like baking and I prefer baking to eating what I've made

15- My dad and I go to the gym every Saturday morning then out for coffee, but I'm starting a job this Saturday so that will stop which is a bit sad :-(!
16- I have an older brother and we don't get on very well but sometimes he can be really sweet
17- The worst day of my life was a few days after I'd had my tonsils out and a combination of morphine and the anasthetix made me really, really sick. I couldn't sleep, eat, drink, read, watch tv or anything because I felt so ill and focussing on anything seemed to make it worse! I spent the day lying on the sofa and having baths and I was sick 8 times and I honestly wanted to die!
18- One of my best friends is Beth and she moved away at the end of year 6 but me, her and Mollie are all still bffs (cool year 6 language)

19- I collaged one of my walls then we rearranged my furniture and the best part of the collage is covered
20- We were put into teaching groups in year 10 and I didn't know anyone and was so bad at talking to people that I made hardly any friends! Luckily the ones I did make were fab so most of the time it was fine anyway:-)) And it's taught me to be more confident now!
21- I'm actually really enjoying sixth form though the workload is hard sometimes. I take psychology, biology, English lit and modern history
22- I do drama out of school but I'm not very good at acting hence my B in gcse drama!
23- I really want a pet rabbit because they are so soft and fluffy (I'm like Lennie in Of Mice and Men)
24- I love reading so much and if I like a book I'll read it constantly aka taking it into the bathroom with me, reading it at the table etc.
25- When the final Harry potter film came out I went with my friends Mollie and Holly and we dressed up
26- Out of my immediate group of 'best friends' of 7, there are Mollie, Mollie, Molly and Holly.. why do so many of them have the same name omg
only one friend here is called mollie! anyway here are some photos of my friends: morwenna, mollie, laure (sticking her tongue out and me

prom! one of my favourite photoss: mollie, molly, holly, megan, lauren and me :-)

clockwise from top left: lauren (sporting some facial hair thanks to the wind), me, molly, morwenna, megan and holly :-)
26- I have a bad sense of direction e.g. coming out of a shop and going the wrong way but I have an amazing knowledge of buses and where they're going/which way etc.
27- I'm hoping to take a gap year and travel round South East Asia with a group of friends. If this for some reason doesn't happen I will be absolutely devastated and make my parents come with me instead
28- I've never had a boyfriend but neither have most of my friends.. ah the perks of going to a girl's school
29- When I speak (usually if I'm speaking quickly) I sometimes get my words wrong, but I mix up the starts of words. Like if I was going to say 'the tree is green' it would come out as 'the gree is treen' idek haha it's so weird
30- Gilmore Girls is one of my favourite tv shows and it needs more recognition bc I love it
31- I love love love taking photos and I'm not even sure why, I just love it! Cheeky self promotion of my flickr:
photo I've taken for a school photography competition. My life is wild!!
32- My mum was born in Canada and has dual citizenship, meaning that technically I'm 1/4 Canadian
33- I have no idea what I want to do with my life but possibly: journalism, clinical psychology, nurse, something with law,work in the police of food photographer! Very mixed and probably not very realistic.. oops:-(
34- I love being on holiday and I hope that soon I go with my friends because that would be beyond amazing!!
Rhodes with mollie this summer, one of the best weeks of my life aw
35- I love peter pan collars. If something has a peter pan collar I instantly want it. That's probably so weird but if all my blouses and dresses had peter pan collars I would be very happy!
Sorry this was long and probably boring! I could have gone on to 50 but I didn't want anyone dying of boredom because of my post! Hopefully you've all survived and now know a little bit more about me. Sorry for a lack of interesting posts,
Laura x

Sunday, 10 November 2013

What's on my Christmas list!

My parents do one big Christmas shop each year and it's nearly always on Remembrance Sunday. Not for any reason, it just always seems to be then that we go, and so this year we went today. We've done this for the last 3 or 4 years and I go with my friend Mollie so that my school friends don't all see their presents! She couldn't come this year which was sad so I did a bit of solo shopping (strangely empowering okay)

Anyway, in preparation for this I wrote my Christmas list! My parents aren't good at surprises and we have different tastes, so I give them a list with sizes, prices, shades etc and so they know that I like what they are getting me. Some people find this strange but I'm just glad I like it all and I can look forward to getting it!!
To some people this might seem like a vain or shallow thing to do but I'm not trying to brag! Many people would get more than this, many would get less! So yep!

I can't photograph any of the presents because my parents have them so sorry this is visually (and just generally!) very boring

Here are my smaller stocking presents:

- Fluffy socks
I always seem to lose fluffy socks so I am stocking up
One of the things which I am choosing and buying myself, new look do 3 for £7 on pants and they are so pretty okay- I was buying these and they were all completely see through (though as I pointed out to my friends if anyone's seeing them I doubt you mind them being see through.. anyway) so I'm going to look when I'm next in town
- Barry M sparkly nail varnish
I love sparkly nail varnish!! Because I have a few I'm buying it so that my parents don't get one i already have, but ah they're so Christmassy and cute!! I chose this as I have quite a few and didn't want them to get one I already have. I chose a black and pink sparkly one, it sounds weird but it's so pretty!
- Eyeshadow pallette
I debated asking for the Naked pallette but I've decided I don't wear make up enough for it to be worth it! I was going to still get a fairly good quality one when in H&M I spotted a pretty pallette with lots of nude colours for only £4. They aren't too sparkly which is a problem I find with eye-shadow so I'm hoping they'll be okay, but if not I can always get another one
- A Lush Christmas bath bomb
I'm not sure which they'll get me but I haven't been specific meaning they'll have to choose one! I love Lush stuff but only get it at birthdays and Christmas for some reason
-Whittards instant tea powder
I've wanted this for ages! You add the powder to a cup of water and it turns your drink into it basically, I think I've got the pink lemonade one yay! I bought it back in summer when we went to Portsmouth as there's a Whittards outlet and i can't wait to use it!
That's all I'm asking for and possible a couple of books or DVDs.. I want The Perks of Being a Wallflower or About Time but I haven't decided yet so I'll probably add that nearer the time.
I think they might have got me The Perks of Being a Wallflower DVD which is good:-))
I expect my parents will get some other things like sweets to fill it up too, I love my stocking ah it's probably my favourite part of Christmas; waking up and knowing the presents are inside ahhh omg too much excitement

Bigger presents

I'm not sure how everyone else does it but I open my stocking in my room or in my parent's room, then we have breakfast and open our bigger ones in the lounge with everyone. I like to put everyone's presents into lines, idk why but I've always done it haha. Anyway, here are the presents I'm hoping for:
-Peanut butter oreos
These are amazing. Seriously they're so so good, my friend brought some back from America and they were so nice ah. Sadly you can't buy them in the UK but I found them on Amazon! A packet is £6 which is quite a lot for biscuits but you know it is Christmas!
-Zara Apple juice eau de toilette
Okay this is so sad because they've discontinued it! It's literally amazing so I'm sad but I got the 'fruity' one instead which smells really nice too!
-Baking stuff
This might sound a little weird! But I really love cooking. I'm hoping for a proper piping bag with all the different nozzles and maybe new cake tins as ours are a little old and rusty. I also know I've got a macaroon cook book and the Humming Bird Bakery book so I'm excited about making lots of lovely things!
- 50mm camera lens
I'm not sure I'll get this and if I do I expect I'll pay half. It's a portrait lens and ah I love it. I got my camera (a Nikon d3200) last Christmas and paid half, and I don't think my parents realised that I would want other lenses haha.. I do use it a lot though, and this lens is £84 which is cheap for a lens! So idk, if I don't get this I won't mind and can always buy it for myself!

Sorry this looked so boring, to brighten it up a bit here's a photo of the escalator which always looks amazing at Christmas :-)

I had such a fun weekend as I had two sleepovers with my friends as two of my friend's parents were away for the weekend, and oh my god my friends are funny when they're drunk! Luckily I was fine and able to do all of my Christmas shopping!
Laura x

Saturday, 2 November 2013

I went shopping :-))

I was feeling much better on Friday so after a really boring week thanks to my tonsils, I went shopping with my mum.
I didn't really need anything specific but I haven't been shopping for a while so I just wanted to look round, and ended up buying quite a bit!

When we were in the queue in Primark I spotted these cute little gift tags and money envelope things and as they were only £1 each we got them. I feel so Christmassy and it's November so it's close!! Yayyy

When we were in H&M in the queue I spotted these sweet cat mask, I went as a cat for Halloween and my mum thought it was sweet so we ended up buying it. I'm hoping I go to a fancy dress new year's eve party (optomistic i'll even be invited to a party) so I can wear these haha

me on halloween minus cat mask haha
We went to Primark because I was hoping to get a tartan dress (the majority of instagram have it so you might have seen it) but they didn't have my size! I've since found my size and tried it on but the only 8 had a hole in it wtf so going to have to get it another time! A lot of people don't like primark but I own a worrying amout of clothes from there.. it's so cheap that even if the quality's not the best you can buy like 10 for the price you'd usually pay for 1 and some stuff is pretty okay!! I only got a couple of things (and the Christmas tags)

 Okay tights are kind of boring.. but I like these ones! There's lots of different colours and they're so thick and warm so I wear these a lot to sixth form, a got another pair of the cream ones (or 'oatmeal' as the label describes) and some navy. They're £3 each and they had some patterned ones too, I'm hoping they get some cute patterns so I can buy more!

I really like this blouse! Okay maybe not when worn just with leggings.. It's not as bright as the photo suggests and was reduced from £12 to £5, which I thought was such a bargain! I love the pattern and thought it would look nice with skirts :-))

it covers part of my face, what's not to love

Okay I have a weird family who are obsessed with being warm.. idek. So my mum is always keen for me to buy coats which is slightly weird and usually I refuse, but I've liked this kind of coat for a while (idk how to describe it :-(() I saw it in H&M and thought it was pretty, and when I put it on I loved it. It's so warm thanks to the fluffy lining and even the pockets have warm lining, the hood has detachable fur. I got it in a 12 which is a bit bigger than my normal size, because coat arms are always too short for me (idk why?!) and also because I prefer having them slightly too big as you can wear jumpers/layers and still be able to do it up. It also has a thing where you can make it tighter, which I normally don't like the look of but I don't think this ruins this. It was £40 which I thought was a pretty good price :-))

We did all of this shopping in town then came home. In topshop I tried on the PRETTIEST bikini which I love so much but they didn't have my size, so my mum suggested we went to another topshop to see if they had it there. It's out of stock online but it was navy with a white edge kinda thing?? It's high waisted and ah I loved it in the summer but never saw it in store and ah. They had the top in a six in town and I am sooo flat chested I thought it might fit but no :-( I am mourning for the bikini.
 Anyway!! So we went to another shopping centre and we looked round and didn't find anything, then we were in River Island and as we were leaving I noticed the 'last chance to buy' section and I could just see a lacy collar so I picked up the clothing and it was this! It's a velvet playsuit if you couldn't tell and omg I love it. I was trying it on and I love it ah. It's so flattering and cute and I'm planning to wear it to friend's birthdays and stuff ah it's so cute!!

I didn't buy all that much but I like what I did buy! I'm yet to find a new pair of shoes so I'm looking out and I'm about to write my Christmas list yay!
Laura x