Thursday, 8 June 2017

First day in Langkawi

We have 3 nights in Langkawi but hadnt planned much. After waking up and showering it was almost lunch time so we headed into town and collette and I went to an Indian while the guys went to subway.

After our lunch we headed to the beach which is soooo pretty, and I had a coconut and swam in the sea. It was boiling but the sea was such a nice temperature and the perfect way to cool off.

At 4 ish we decided to go back to the hostel and decided to go to a waterfall.  I wasn't sure how much water there would be as it hasn't rained for a while, but we got an uber and went anyway. After a 10 minute up hill walk where we saw lots of monkeys we arrived at the most amazing natural pools at the bottom of the waterfall, and spent an hour or so sliding and swimming around. They were so pretty!

When we'd had enough we got an uber back to town and had some food at a little restaurant and then went down to some beach bars to drink.

Laura x

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