Monday, 12 June 2017

We intended to get the bus to Singapore at 10.30 and so set an alarm for 8.50, but classic we weren't ready in time so didn't make it. Usually the buses are every half hour but all the ones around 11am were full, meaning that the next one we could get was at 12.30. We headed to nandos to make good use of our time. After eating we headed back to the hostel to get our bags then caught an uber to the bus station, got our tickets and some snacks and waited. 

It was delayed by half an hour and then approx 2 minutes into the journey made a 20 minute petrol stop, but we eventually ended up on our way to Singapore. The journey took maybe 8 hours?? Which included multiple stops as well as the border ones, and involved a lot of food and napping. We finally arrived at night and were very close to our hostel so walked over. The way that the booking works meant that we'd all ended up in different dorms and so we ended up paying extra to share a room which was a bit annoying but worth it.

We headed out for dinner at about 9 and wandered to a large shopping mall to McDonald's. I was very excited to discover that here they do a veggie burger, and we classily sat on the floor as there were no tables. After a trip to Starbucks we headed back to the hostel to watch Netflix before a busy day tomorrow as the others fly home on Wednesday.

Laura x

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